Kylie Jenner has 3 perfect responses to egg beating Instagram likes: KUWTK star wins clapback contest!


Kylie Jenner isn’t sitting back and letting an egg beat her Instagram views. The KUWTK star had THREE perfect clapbacks: Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Kylie Jenner versus the egg.

Who would have thought that when it comes to Instagram records, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) star known for capturing page likes would be beat by an egg?

Never fear, Kylie’s here! Jenner had not just one, and not just two, but THREE perfect responses to the egg versus Kylie contest.

Kylie Jenner takes on Instagram egg

Even the New York Times was captivated by the contest between Kylie Jenner and the egg.

The Instagram pic showed just an ordinary egg, but it garnered over 25 million likes.

That success knocked Jenner’s birth announcement on Instagram from first place.

Now remember: Kylie was raised by the queen of how to rise to fame, Kris Jenner. And so, in true KUWTK fashion, the lip kit queen clapped back.

First, Kylie shared a photo plus a video on Instagram.

Sorry, egg, but Jenner wins for that perfect response.

Kylie Jenner follows up with a single image for her Instagram followers

How do  you top that video response and clever caption?

Kylie knew exactly how to succeed in the Instagram business. Jenner shared a simple, sweet photo of her face, framed in front of what appears to be her closet.

And then she added a tiny heart for her fans.

Kylie Jenner birth announcement versus, gulp, an egg

Now let’s look at that suddenly-famous egg.

The owner of the account told BuzzFeed that credit goes to a chicken from Britain named Henrietta.

In an email interview, the chicken identified the egg as Eugene.

“The power of the egg is strong,” stated Henrietta.

And how does that compare with the previously most liked photo on Instagram, Kylie’s birth announcement? We feel that when you add up the “awww” OMG cuteness of that baby announcement plus Jenner’s clapbacks, the KUWTK star wins.

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Do you agree that Kylie Jenner wins the clapback contest even though she lost the Instagram “like” title? We think the egg owes her a chicken dinner (or at least a platter of scrambled eggs with extra cheese!).