Kendall Jenner ‘irritable’ from ‘unhappy’ love life, strict diet, can Ben Simmons stop ‘mean girl meltdown’ rumors?


Kendall Jenner reportedly is really stressed at this point in her life. The KUWTK star allegedly is having a meltdown and turning into a “mean girl!”

Is Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) star Kendall Jenner so stressed that she’s having a meltdown and behaving badly?

Those are the allegations in a new report about Kylie Jenner’s older sister.

Kendall Jenner acting like a ‘mean girl’?

An insider told Radar Online that Jenner is stressed, tired, and at the point of a “meltdown.”

Kendall has achieved career success as a highly paid, valued supermodel.

But as many of us know, career success doesn’t always translate to happiness.

And for Jenner, the toll of making it in the competitive supermodel world has pushed her to the point of feeling “tired and overworked.”

Kendall is so stressed that she is “acting sullen and rude” to those around her, including her own family, said the source.

Kendall Jenner: Too much work, too much dieting?

The insider pointed out that Jenner has been focused on work for four straight years.

That might not sound like much to “workin’ 9 to 5” type of employees. But for a member of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) clan, the combination of being a reality TV star and a model means the cameras are on 24/7.

And Kendall’s problems allegedly don’t end there.

The already slender Jenner is “constantly dieting and she’s unhappy with her love life,” added the insider. “That’s made Kendall increasingly irritable.”

Ben Simmons to the rescue by moving to Los Angeles?

But it could be Ben Simmons to the rescue! Rumors are soaring that Kendall is involved in luring Ben to the City of Angels, according to Heavy.

Simmons is doing well during his second season with the Philadelphia 76ers, with an average of 16.6 points, 9.4 rebounds and 8.2 assists.

But with Kendall in Los Angeles and Ben in Philadelphia, romance isn’t always easy.

Simmons reportedly longs to be in Los Angeles. Could a move to California lighten Jenner’s spirits?

At t this point, Radar’s insider claimed that something needs to change. Even Kendall’s own KUWTK sisters reportedly “have had enough of her bad attitude and telling her to take care of herself and get some R&R.”

We’re wondering if the alleged “meltdown” could even be behind those rumors of a feud between Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

With Kendall allegedly going from “so sweet” to rude and “swearing a lot,” is Jenner in need of a boost to her spirits by having Ben move to the West Coast?

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What do you think about the “mean girl” rumors swirling around Kendall Jenner? Do you predict Ben Simmons will move to Los Angeles for his girlfriend? Share your comments below.