Rob Kardashian hired security to keep Blac Chyna away, talk about baby mamma drama!


Rob Kardashian and his baby mamma Blac Chyna have had a rough year as they fight about money and custody over their daughter, Dream. Now it has come out, Rob hired someone to keep his ex away from him.

Rob Kardashian hired security

Rob Kardashian reportedly hired security to keep Blac Chyna away from him according to ComplexIt came out from court documents that following their 2017 fight, Rob actually hired someone to keep Blac Chyna away from him. This is understandable since apparently the fight was pretty bad.

Apparently this came out in documents when Rob said that Blac Chyna ended up costing him 100,000 dollars in damages. $17,000 of this went to security against her. She claims though that the damages she caused during the attack weren’t worth but $5,000. I don’t know about you, but $5,000 in damages would still make me mad. That’s like a lot of rent…or Starbucks, depending on my mood.

Apparently in addition to belongings, Rob had to even fix drywall. It’s probably best that these two aren’t together anymore so their two year old daughter, Dream, doesn’t have to deal with this and grow up in the toxic environment.

Where is Rob Kardashian now?

Will the Rob and Blac Chyna drama ever end? It seems like no, but hopefully they put it aside while they co-parent Dream. She was cuter than ever though on Christmas with a big red flower in her hair. Despite the drama, it’s nice seeing Rob so happy after his years of being sad.

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What do you think about this finding? Do you agree with Rob in all this or are you ready for the drama to come to end and? Let us know what you think about it all in the comments and stay tuned for more Kardashian news. You never know who will be part of a law suit next!