5 times Kendall Jenner wore something crazy but looked amazing doing it

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Kendall Jenner’s lime green dress

The Kardashian family Christmas party is full of wild fashion. Kendall was dressed to the nines but her outfit stood out amongst her other sisters. Instead of being in some sort of snow themed glittering dress, Kendall came to the party in a floor length, off the shoulder, lime green dress.

Lime green isn’t a Christmas color, but Kendall still looked amazing when she came to the party. She certainly stood out amongst all the others that attended, and the color even sparked inspiration for later outfits she’s worn.


It seems like Kylie Jenner may have even picked up out the lime green color as she and Stormi wore it on a beach vacation. This color is pretty out there and definitely a time Kendall wore something that looked weird but she made it look amazing.