Netflix David Letterman show to feature KUWTK star Kanye West talking men and mental health


A Netflix show starring David Letterman reportedly will feature KUWTK star Kanye West finally opening up on the topic of men and mental health.

Netflix is ready to welcome Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) star Kanye West to its show line-up!

West has long been known for what appear to be emotional highs and lows, and now he’s going to  open up about the issue.

Netflix show with David Letterman gives Kanye West a new platform

Kanye will discuss mental health and how it affects men as part of David Letterman’s Netflix show, according to Metro.

The media outlet pointed out that West has never sought to hide or deny that he has emotional highs and lows. But opening up on a Netflix show about this topic will give Kanye a new platform.

We’re  particularly looking forward to see the combination of David Letterman, known for his sarcastic wit, and West.

The show, Letterman: My Next Guest Needs No introduction, with Kanye reportedly was recently filmed in Los Angeles.

Was Kim Kardashian involved in Netflix show?

Wherever Kanye goes, there’s an inevitable question: Was Kim Kardashian there?

Just as with West’s Saturday Night Live appearance, Kim indeed was present at the filming.

However, it’s not known exactly what if any role Kardashian played (perhaps a wave from the audience to confirm that she was listening? A standing ovation for her husband?).

What did Kanye West reveal on the Netflix show?

Audience members turned to social media to serve up some details.

The dialogue between West and Letterman on the show reportedly focused on mental health from the male perspective.

One Twitter user was thrilled to have started off 2019 “sitting in a room with 3 legends…David Letterman, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian..just wow.”

Wow, indeed.

The show, which was filmed at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Centre in Los Angeles, reportedly will be the first for the new season on Netflix, with Kanye as the debut guest.

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Will you watch Kanye West talk to David Letterman on the show? Do you think he chose the right platform to open up on the sensitive topic of men and mental health? Share your views below.