Why is Kourtney Kardashian hanging out with people nearly half her age?


Kourtney Kardashian has been seen hanging out with people basically half of her age and is even rumored to be dating one. Do you think it’s strange or is age just a number?

Kourtney Kardashian and Luka Sabbat

Kourtney Kardashian recently took a photo posing with her rumored boyfriend Luka Sabbat and their friend. People are low-key mad about this because of how young the other two are in the photo.

Kourtney is the oldest Kardashian and is 39 years old. Luka Sabbat who may or may not be Kourtney’s boyfriend is 21 years old. That is an 18 year difference between the two.

According to In Touch Weekly, people are so disturbed by Kourtney hanging out with these boys and are not afraid to let her know. They’ve commented telling her she has a “mommy complex” and telling her she’s hanging out with children.

Age is usually a pretty controversial topic and often goes back and forth between creepy and “age is just a number.”

Personally, I don’t care who hangs out with who. Yes it is a tiny bit weird, but to each their own.

How is Kourtney doing?

Kourtney won’t actually confirm or deny if she’s dating Luka. She seems to just like being single and having fun hanging out with whoever she wants. She has been single and having fun since the breakup with her most recent boyfriend.

Even her ex, Scott Disick seems to be having fun and appears to be ready to propose to his girlfriend Sofia Richie. Of course, Kris Jenner has to interfere and wants it to be on KUWTK.

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Do you think the age difference is too weird? Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for more Kardashian family news. You never know who will hang out with who next.