Kylie Jenner bares most of bust in strapless red gown on Instagram for Valentine collection launch


Kylie Jenner is on fire on Instagram in a strapless red gown, baring most of her bust as she gave her fans an update on her Valentine collection!

Kylie Jenner is excited. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) star previously lit up Instagram by showing off her newly red hair to announce her upcoming Valentine collection.

But Jenner apparently is too thrilled to hold off until February 1 to comment again on her launch.

Kylie Jenner pleads with February 1 to ‘come sooner!’

Kylie adorably pleaded with the calendar to magically speed up time.

“I’m ready for the Vday Collection to launch,” gushed Jenner in her caption, begging “February 1st come soooooner!”

Sorry, Kylie, but we think that even for you, time isn’t going to speed up!

The good news for Jenner, however: She certainly found the perfect outfit for her fans to admire.

With her red hair just slightly darker than the color of her strapless gown, Kylie looks simply stunning.

Jenner adds a sultry look to her photo with that over-the-shoulder pose.

Kylie Jenner gets social media excited over her Valentine collection

Kylie captured the attention of her social media followers with her initial Instagram photo for the launch, pointed out Allure.

While the notion of romantic cosmetics from Jenner is exciting, her stunning look on top of those enormous letters that spell her name delighted fans even more.

The big question with the Valentine Collection: Will Kylie be competing with Kim Kardashian?

Some feel that Jenner and Kardashian are competing with their cosmetics products.

However, while Kim has stayed true to her dark hair and occasional blonde, Kylie as a redhead is stealing the spotlight.

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What do you think about the excitement that Kylie Jenner is showing when it comes to her Valentine Collection? Are you as thrilled as she seems to be about the new products?