Is Kendall Jenner going to court? The model may be forced to testify after her part in a scandal!


Kendall Jenner may be forced to testify after her involvement in a music festival scandal. The star was part of promoting the Fyre Festival, and now she has to pay for it.

Kendall Jenner may testify

Kendall Jenner may be forced to testify after her involvement in a major scandal according to the New York Post.

The Fyre Festival was a music festival that was supposedly going to be amazing. When the millennial flooded the island they were greeted by hurricane tents and bread with cheese. Several celebrities endorsed the event, including model, Kendall Jenner.

According to court papers, the celebrities involved may have to explain all about the payments they received.

It sounds like Kendall Jenner may have received a payment of $250,000 for one Instagram post. ONE POST! I would be posting all day for those rates. However, probably shouldn’t post about an event that scammed so many people.

Despite this festival happening a little bit ago, it’s made a major comeback on people’s minds. Both Netflix and Hulu have put out documentaries explaining just what happened. They also explain what went wrong with the festival.

Billy McFarland, organizer of the festival, pleaded guilty to scamming all these customers. He is now facing six years in jail. Luckily, it doesn’t look like Kendall Jenner and the other celebs will be facing the same punishment.

Other than dealing with the Fyre Festival scandal, Kendall seems to be doing pretty well. She and her not quite boyfriend Ben Simmons have even taken “the next step” when we saw Kendall hanging out with Ben’s mom. That sounds pretty serious to me!

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What do you think of Kendall having to testify about the festival? Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for more Jenner family news! You never know who will be in court next (hopefully no one).