Stormi Webster turns one! Look back at 5 cute Stormi moments Kylie Jenner shared


One year ago today, Kylie Jenner took the world by storm literally when she gave birth to her daughter Stormi Webster. Since then, Stormi has had some really cute moments and Kylie has shared them with the world. Happy Birthday, Stormi!

Stormi is born

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott kept their baby girl a secret until she was born. Kylie wanted privacy during the whole pregnancy process to focus on her baby. That totally makes sense and was probably for the best.

Once Stormi was born though, Kylie posted a video explaining it all. Although Stormi isn’t actually in the video it still makes the list. We do get a shot of Chicago as an infant which is amazing and near the end we do hear Stormi cry.

We loved how Kylie handled this situation because at the end of the day, Stormi is what should be most important to the beauty guru. Reminisce with us below:

Stormi celebrates her mom’s birthday

Another cute Stomi moment? Definitely when she and her mom, Kylie Jenner, did a photo shoot and Kylie talked about how she loved bringing in 21 with her baby. This was right after Kylie stopped showing Stormi’s face in photos, so we really got a good look at how much the baby had grown.

Stormi has got some adorable curls and looks like she’s full of love for her mom. It doesn’t get much cuter!

Stormi and Chicago hang out

What’s better than one adorable baby? Two adorable babies! Stormi and Chicago, Kim Kardashian’s daughter looked too cute when they laid together in matching pajamas. The babies had a slumber party.

While Stormi looked pretty excited to be at the slumber party, Chicago looked kind of worried. Regardless, it was definitely one of the cutest moments of Stormi’s year.

Stormi Matches at the Christmas Party

Stormi and Kylie Jenner looked too cute at the family Christmas party when they showed up in matching Christmas outfits! The dynamic duo strutted (or was carried) their stuff as they matched in glittery outfits.

Kylie Jenner takes Stormi on a beach vacation

Finally, most recently, Kylie Jenner took Stormi on a vacation for her birthday. The two matched again in lime green swimsuits. We got to see Stormi feel the water on her toes and that created giggles that were priceless.

Who doesn’t want to go on a beach vacation for their birthday? We would love to!

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Of course, Kylie has already wished Stormi a happy birthday with another adorable Instagram post according to People. We couldn’t be happier for Stormi and Kylie to have each other!

Stormi had a year full of cute moments, we couldn’t count them all! Leave your favorite Stormi moment in the comments section! We could love to know your favorite parts!

Happy Birthday Stormi!