Travis didn’t propose and Kylie Jenner isn’t pregnant. Worst day ever


Today was full of disappointment as Kylie Jenner revealed she isn’t actually pregnant AND Travis Scott didn’t propose to her. Worst day ever. (Not really, but almost).

Travis Scott didn’t propose to Kylie Jenner

The Super Bowl halftime show just ended, and Travis Scott didn’t get down on one knee for her. TBH I was pretty disappointed. The halftime show was pretty lame and I was excited for a drama filled moment.

Now, I have no idea when he will propose. Valentine’s Day maybe? Honestly, it’s none of our business and we should let them get engaged when they are ready. I’m just excited to see the ring. And Kylie’s fabulous wedding of course.

Kylie Jenner isn’t actually pregnant

In addition to the sad wedding news, Kylie Jenner cleared up the fact that she isn’t actually pregnant.

According to E! Online, Kylie just revealed that the Instagram she posted earlier about her second baby doesn’t mean she’s actually expecting a baby.

Kylie, why do you do this to us? Who captions a photo “baby #2?” without actually being pregnant? She could just be saying like is a second baby coming soon, but she really got my hopes up.

How cute would a second Stormi be? I mean just look at her:

I will be eagerly awaiting both the engagement and announcement of second baby. Kylie has GOT to be the next one pregnant. She hints at it way too much and she loves to be a mom so much. I will be so hype to see her walk down the aisle and I’m sure the wedding will be huge.

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Are you sad that Kylie isn’t pregnant or engaged? Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for more news on the makeup queen. You never know when she will announce a huge life event.