Travis Scott Super Bowl performance review, SpongeBob the star of the show!


Travis Scott’s performance at the Super Bowl was definitely one to remember!

Tonight’s 53rd Super Bowl half-time show is currently one of the hottest topics on social media! Despite the intense game that transpired this evening, we’re here to dive right in on the half-time show, and how Travis Scott really did.

This year’s Pepsi half-time show featured none other than Maroon 5 alongside Big Boi and, of course, Travis Scott.

Although hip-hop acts rarely perform at the Super Bowl, Travis is by far one of the biggest names in the urban music scene, so that explains that!

Although many of us tuning into the big game didn’t entirely know what to expect from this year’s half-time show, it’s safe to say that it was definitely, interesting.

Starting things off, it appears Spongebob was the real star behind this year’s spectacle!

Yes, you read that right. Our porous and yellow friend, Spongebob, is the one who introduced Travis Scott, who emerged on stage in a blazing hot asteroid. However, his performance may not have been as hot as that entrance.

The rapper performed his insanely popular hit song ‘Sicko Mode’, which hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in December 2018. Although his vocals were somewhat decent, we didn’t really get a chance to hear too much of them, considering so much of the song was bleeped out.

Despite the hype behind Travis’ performance, the rapper only ended up performing the one song and appearing on stage for what felt like a solid minute, not cool Pepsi, not cool.

In addition to the lit performance, and we mean that literally, Travis had quite a questionable ensemble going on. We aren’t entirely sure what look he was going for, but it definitely spiced up the performance, to say the least.

A few pics of Travis were released on NiceKicks Instagram prior to his performance, where his fresh new kicks were on full display!

Surely his fresh kicks were on point, but can the same be said for the performance? According to USA Today, the general consensus when it comes to Travis’ performance is that it gave the show an element of “genuine weirdness”, which is both not false, nor a bad thing!

Travis definitely went ‘Sicko Mode’ on stage, and it showed! The rapper appeared to be into the song and feeling the energy, so much that he ended his performance by diving straight into the crowd to never be seen on-screen again.

Surely his performance has some mixed reviews, but the entirety of the show was incredibly different from years past. Travis’ performance, although quite limited, did provide a unique element to this year’s half-time show.

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Despite the controversy Travis’ appearance may have created, it was still great to see him do his thing on stage. Let us know your thoughts on how you felt this year’s half-time show went down!