Kendall Jenner stuns Instagram with odd photoshoot, what’s with the yellow gloves?


Kendall Jenner is an amazing model and she isn’t afraid to show the world. The star stripped down and posted the photos on Instagram. She definitely looks amazing.

Kendall Jenner poses nude

Kendall Jenner posed nude for a Vogue photo shoot according to Cosmopolitan. The photos turned out amazing. However, they are a little bit odd.

The model is wearing basically nothing in the first shot. What she is wearing is a little out there. The star is wearing yellow elbow length gloves. Where does one even get those?

She’s also wearing heels and what looks panty-hose that go up to the knee.

There are three other photos in the group that she shared. They are also weird but not quite as out there. I’m most confused by Kendall Jenner’s face in the photos. AKA it doesn’t even really look like her.

Although some fans don’t approve of the photos, others are standing up for Kendall. A lot say that she looks beautiful and note that she’s a model, taking photos is her job. She isn’t taking these photos just to be scandalous.

This is true, taking photos like this is an art form. If this is what Kendall Jenner loves to do, why ridicule her for doing it?

What is Kendall Jenner up to?

Kendall hasn’t just been modeling lately. She’s also been dating Ben Simmons. Unfortunately though, it sounds like he may be cheating on her with an Instagram model.

We hope that Kendall is okay and keeps doing her. She’s been so successful in her career and is even the highest paid model this year.

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What do you think of Kendall’s photos? Are they too much or do you like them? Let us know what you think of the photoshoot in the comments and stay tuned for more news on Kendall Jenner.