Kylie Jenner talk show target of Kim Kardashian, Kendall: Pregnancy, engagement, Christmas card crazies!


Kylie Jenner has become the subject of talk show gossip, with Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner dishing in separate appearances on their KUWTK sister.

Kylie Jenner didn’t even have to show up to become the subject of talk show gossip!

Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner spilled the Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) tea on Kylie on two different talk shows on two different days!

Kim Kardashian visits Tonight Show, talks Kendall Jenner

Kim Kardashian always entertains and seems most at ease on talk shows.

That ability held true when Kardashian visited The Tonight Show on Thursday.

First topic wasn’t Kim, however. As Entertainment Tonight pointed out, Kylie Jenner proved a too-fascinating-to-not-discuss subject for the show’s host, Jimmy Fallon.

With Kylie and baby daddy Travis Scott facing endless rumors about their relationship (Jenner is already married! Kylie and Travis are engaged! Jenner has an engagement ring!), Kardashian found herself unable to avoid dishing on Kylie.

Even though Jenner and Scott made the gossip world crazy by sharing a photo of Kylie wearing an enormous ring on her engagement finger, Kim insisted she had no clue.

Kardashian also said that she thought Kylie would have told her big sister, but admitted that Jenner is “secretive.”

"I think she would have told me. She’s pretty secretive, but I’m sure she would have told me. I’m not really sure. But I don’t think so."


Kendall Jenner tells Ellen DeGeneres about Kylie Jenner

Dishing to Ellen DeGeneres, Kendall Jenner reflected on Kylie with obvious affection.

Kendall makes her appearance today, Friday, but we already know that Ellen will be asking her about those Kylie Jenner engagement rumors.

And it’s not just the engagement.

Jenner got all kinds of pregnancy speculation going when she shared a photo that asked “Baby #2?”

Kendall seems just as clueless about Jenner as Kim did.

“Not that I know of,” said Kendall of the Jenner and Scott proposal rumors. “If [Travis did propose to Kylie], she hasn’t told the family yet.”

Trying to tease more out of the KUWTK, Ellen pushed to ask if Kris Jenner would know if Kylie was engaged. Even then, Kendall seemed unwilling to commit to a definite yes or no.

“Most likely,” was as far as the model would go.

Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumors soar: Baby #2?

However, Kendall was more definite when talking about those pregnancy rumors that Kylie sparked with her “baby #2” photo.

Jenner is not pregnant, according to her older sister. As to what Kylie meant by that photo caption, Kendall clarified that she translated it as “we are lookin’ good and we’re really into each other and maybe baby number two is gonna happen.”

And the model showed her sense of humor, joking that Jenner and Scott are “practicing” to have a sibling for their baby girl, Stormi, who arrived in the Keeping Up With The Kardashians world last February.

Kendall Jenner addresses crazy Christmas card rumors

As for all that speculation about who was in the Kardashian Christmas card and who was out, Kendall said there was no exciting answer, reported Too Fab.

“We were on set all day and we hadn’t really planned a Christmas card,” Jenner explained.

Even though Jenner sparked speculation that she was angry with her Instagram pic talking about sisters posing with their babies, she told Ellen she wasn’t upset.

The model also revealed that when Kim suggested they all do a card photo pose, Jenner said that she had to run with their mother to a work commitment.

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What do you think about the tea that Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner spilled on Kylie Jenner? Do you think that Kylie and Travis might secretly have already gotten engaged? Share your thoughts below.