Stormi isn’t the only thing Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott share, couple shares clothes


It looks like baby Stormi isn’t the only thing Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott share. The rap superstar also appears to borrow his girlfriend’s clothes for major performances. Not quite what we expected.

Travis and Kylie Jenner share clothes

According to Page Six, Travis performed at the Grammy’s on Sunday night. In his performance, he was wearing a shirt that actually looks pretty familiar because Kylie Jenner just wore it.

The rap star is wearing a black and red 1993 Rush band tee. This in itself, not that weird. However, just the other day, Kylie Jenner posted a photo in what appears to be the exact same shirt.

Now, is it possible the two just happen to have the same shirt? Of course. Or, maybe Kylie even borrowed the shirt from Travis. All I know is, I like that Travis clearly wears his everyday clothing to perform. Even if he’s performing at a high end awards show.

Kylie and Travis are cute family goals

Aside from just sharing clothes, Kylie and Travis really are family goals. They share their now one year old daughter, Stormi. There’s rumors going around that Kylie may be pregnant with baby number two. Per usual, there are also rumors that Kylie and Travis may already be engaged.

The couple just threw a HUGE party for Stormi this past weekend. When I say huge, I mean giant inflatable Stormi head you have to walk through to get into the party.

While the party was amazing, I’m not sure that Stormi really cared too much. However, all the adults at the party were probably elated.

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What do you think of Kylie and Travis sharing clothes for award shows? Is it cute or weird that Travis doens’t have a bigger wardrobe. Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for more Kardashian and Jenner news. The new season of  KUWTK is right around the corner and its sure to be a good one.