Kylie Jenner: No one panic, Norman the dog is okay


Been panicking lately about where Norman the dog went? Same. No one worry, Kylie Jenner has cleared up exactly what’s going on.

What happened to Norman the dog?

Back before the Stormi days, Kylie Jenner would always post about her dogs. She was pretty much obsessed with her dogs.

However, recently we haven’t seen much of them. What exactly happened to the legendary Norman?

According to People, Kylie is shutting down people on Twitter who are asking what happened to little Norman. She says just because she doesn’t post about them (the dogs) as much, doesn’t mean they aren’t apart of her life.

Kylie Jenner introduces new puppy

Not only has Kylie Jenner not been posting her dog as much but it looks like she even introduced a new one. This made people wonder even more what happened to little Norman.

At Stormi’s crazy first birthday party, Kylie showed off a new little puppy. His name is Wesley and he’s an adorable, tiny Chihuahua, Dachshund mix. Or, at least that’s what they think he is.

IDC what he is, but I want 20 of them please!

The puppy is seriously so adorable. Watching him run all over Stormi’s party was great. Both Stormi and the dog are precious and make the perfect dog and human sibling duo.

Could a new sibling be in Stormi’s near future? There are still rumors flying around about whether Kylie really is pregnant with baby number 2 right now. However, a new baby and a new puppy might be a lot for Kylie Jenner to handle right now.

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Are you revealed to hear Norman is okay? Let us know what you think of that and Kylie’s new puppy in the comments and stay tuned for more KarJenner family news. A new season of KUWTK is just around the corner. You don’t want to miss out.