Kendall Jenner Instagram shows she’s most supple, slender KUWTK star: Her top diet secrets


Kendall Jenner continues to reign as the most supple and slender KUWTK star, and her Instagram proves it: Get the skinny on her top weight loss diet secrets!

Kendall Jenner fulfilled her dream of becoming a supermodel. And the Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) star, as her Instagram shows, knows the diet secrets that are key to maintaining her stunningly slender figure.

Kendall Jenner flaunts supple figure on Instagram

While her sisters such as Kim Kardashian are famous for fluctuating weight (Khloe Kardashian was once known as the chubby sister!), Kendall Jenner just keeps looking more slim.

Her Instagram photos reflect her success in maintaining that willowy body, with her waistline often looking almost impossibly tiny.

Jenner aspired to become a model early in life.

As her photos show, she’s succeeded!

The following picture, for example, shows Kendall striking the perfect pose to flaunt both her figure and the fashion.

Jenner makes it look effortless, but she follows a strict diet to get ready for the runway.

Kendall Jenner follows rigid diet to get ready for runway

Prior to events such as New York Fashion Week, Kendall increases her protein intake, according to Elle.

Jenner also is a big believer in the benefits of detox tea, drinking as much as 12 cups daily. She’s particularly fond of a mixture that includes green tea and lemongrass.

In addition to protein and tea, Kendall nibbles on fruit.

Kendall Jenner gets fitness boost from celebrity trainer

And just like her Keeping Up With The Kardashians sisters, Jenner is a fitness fanatic.

The results of all that exercise on her impressively toned legs showed recently in her Tonight Show appearance!

Kendall is a cardio fan in particular, but she also does ab exercises.

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Jenner trains with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, who also helped Khloe Kardashian get her revenge body. With the way that Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian are sizzling on Instagram, it’s clear that having a celebrity trainer plus dieting get KUWTK quality results!