I went to see Travis Scott at Astroworld and it was almost as good as Stormiworld


I went to the Travis Scott concert, Astroworld, and it was almost as good as Stormi’s first birthday party. Here’s what happened.

Astroworld vs Stormiworld

Astroworld and seeing Travis Scott was COOL. Here is my major complaint, I couldn’t ever understand him. Or figure out what song he was rapping. However, I can’t stress this enough. The effects were amazing.

Fire shooting out of the stage, real life roller coasters and giant inflatable astronauts were just a few things that you can expect to experience at Astroworld. I can only wish I got to be one of the fans that got to get on stage with Travis and actually ride the roller coasters.

Travis did leave us waiting for a really long time before coming on stage. However, if he’s anything like his girlfriend Kylie, he probably needed a while to get ready for the show. All that matters, he didn’t disappoint.


Where was Kylie Jenner?

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see Kylie Jenner. Trust me, I was just as sad as you are about it. We even stood in a merch line forever waiting to buy a Kylie Jenner Astroworld lipkit, which according to Billboard would be there, just to learn there were none. Why does Kylie do us like this?

Kylie has been going through some struggles recently so if she really wasn’t there, I wouldn’t be surprised. It just recently came out that Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods was caught being affectionate.

However, it was just that that got her in trouble. It’s who she was getting affectionate with. This time, it was Tristan Thompson, also known as Khloe Kardashian’s now ex-boyfriend. Kylie probably has some major damage control to deal with right now.

Kim Kardashian, mad at the internet and letting everyone know. dark. Next

Have you been to Astroworld? Let us know your experienced while you were there in the comments! Stay tuned for more Kardashian and Jenner family news! You never know what will happen next.