Kris Jenner: What is the momager up to since Khloe’s cheating scandal revealed?


Kris Jenner will ALWAYS have a front row seat when it comes to creating or watching drama. This past week the biggest drama erupted involving not one but two of her daughters. What has the mom been up to since the drama started?

What is Kris Jenner doing?

According to Daily Mail, Kris Jenner has been out and about with Corey Gamble for the first time since the cheating scandal. It looks like the pair went to dinner in Beverly Hills together. How cute.

Kris didn’t seem to be hiding at all as she strutted her stuff in black, sunglasses and sparkles. True Kris Jenner style.

Other than that, she’s kept pretty quiet on social media. The only other thing we’ve really seen or heard from her is that Khloe will NOT be on The Bachelorette.

Kim Kardashian revealed a string of texts between her, Khloe and Kris. Kim asked if the two had plans of being on The Bachelorette. Both Khloe and Kris cleared the air by saying no, they hadn’t been talking about it.

That clears that up! While I’m sad to not get to see Khloe on the show, I know a lot of fans of the show would’ve been mad to see someone famous get the spot.

What was the cheating scandal?

In case you somehow haven’t heard already, there was quite the scandal in the Kardashian family. This whole situation included Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson getting together.

Since one is Kylie’s best friend and one was Khloe’s boyfriend and baby daddy, this makes for some awkward family dinners. We will see how it all pans out. It sounds like Kylie’s family may want her to cut Jordyn out of her life but it’s still not known if she will do that.

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Would you be out and about like Kris Jenner is, or would you be by Khloe’s side? Let us know how you would handle the situation in the comments below. Stay tuned for more Kardashian news. There’s a new season of KUWTK coming soon and there’s sure to be even more drama.