Brody Jenner speaks out on Khloe Kardashian cheating scandal


Everyone has opinions on what happened to Khloe Kardashian, so it’s no surprise that her ex-step brother has some too. Just like most others, he thought Khloe should’ve left Tristan behind.

Brody Jenner’s opinion on Khloe Kardashian

According to People, Brody Jenner thinks that Khloe is a good person. He also thinks she doesn’t deserve what happened to her.

We couldn’t agree more. Plus, does anyone really deserve to have their boyfriend cheat on them with a family friend? I’m thinking no.

He also thinks though that after it happened the first time, she probably should’ve left him. It’s totally understandable why she didn’t. It’s easy as an outsider to say to leave him. However, she does have a baby with him and she really did love him. Sometimes it’s not as easy as just leaving someone behind.

In case you forget exactly who Brody is, he is the son of Caitlyn Jenner. For a good amount of time, Brody was a step brother to Khloe Kardashian. Its understandable why he would feel so protective over her now. He is like a brother to her.

True isn’t the only baby affected by all of this. Kylie is worried about cutting Jordyn out of her life even though she did something so bad. The reason? She doesn’t know how it will effect Stormi. Stormi and Jordyn have been together since day one. It will probably make her sad to be without her. However, Kylie should probably remember the importance of family and consider Khloe’s feelings when considering this.

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Do you agree with Brody Jenner? Let us know what you think of the whole situation and stay tuned for more news on the family. You never know who will cheat on who next, but you don’t want to miss the drama.