Kylie Cosmetics: A break down of all six new finishing powder shades


Anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE Kylie Cosmetics fan. Now, Kylie has stolen the makeup show by releasing six new setting powders. Makeup lovers rejoice!

Kylie Jenner has been going through a lot recently including Travis Scott cheating on her according to People. All that aside she has still managed to release six stunning setting powders with Kylie Cosmetics. As an avid wearer of Kylie’s concealer, lipstick and highlighter, this was pretty much the best news ever.

Kylie shared each of the powders in an Instagram and Snapchat video. The new shades include: Translucent, Soft Pink, Beige, Yellow, Dark and Deep Dark. In the story, Kylie stresses that there is something here for everyone!

Translucent and Soft Pink

This is 100% the first shade I will be dying. I LIVE for a good translucent powder that won’t mess up or change the color of my concealer. In the video Kylie shared on her stories, this looks like a perfect and soft translucent powder. This pink looks like the perfect color if you want a little touch of rose in your every day makeup routine.

Beige and Yellow

This beige color looks like a super solid color to match to your foundation. As for they yellow,  Kylie mentioned in the video, everyone needs a good yellow powder in their collection. This is the perfect baking powder for your Kylie worth contour!

Dark and Deep Dark

Dark and Deep Dark are BEAUTIFUL shades. While it doesn’t look like there’s a huge difference separately, Kylie was sure to show everyone that the Kylie Cosmetics shades really are different and will perfectly match skin tones.

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Will you be trying Kylie Cosmetics setting powder? Let us know which shade you plan to buy in the comments and stay tuned for more Kylie Cosmetics news! You never know what she will release next.