Kylie Jenner shades Jordyn Woods and Travis Scott in skin-tight bodysuit on Instagram amid cheating scandal


Kylie Jenner dons skin-tight bodysuit and glittering eyeglasses to throw Instagram shade at Jordyn Woods and Travis Scott amid cheating drama.

Kylie Jenner, we are here for you!

Wearing a skin-tight bodysuit with cutouts that bared her fabulously flat abs, Kylie peered over a pair of glittering eyeglasses to throw shade at her maybe-former best friend Jordyn Woods and we-think-he’s-still-her-boyfriend Travis Scott.

Kylie Jenner stuns Instagram in skin-tight bodysuit and glittering eyeglasses

Jenner looks stunning in the soft gray fabric of her bodysuit, which clings to her curvy body in all the right places.

We’re loving that cut-out, which puts the attention on those fabulously flat abs that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) star worked so hard to restore after welcoming her first baby into the world.

Kylie recently shared details of her post-pregnancy weight loss diet.

And let’s not forget to chat about those adorable silver shoes, which look like a KUWTK version of Dorothy’s red slippers in the Wizard of Oz, along with that gorgeous silver necklace.

But above all, it’s the caption that shows Jenner knows exactly how she feels when it comes to the on-going cheating drama involving Jordyn Woods and Travis Scott.

Kylie Jenner chooses the perfect way to throw shade at Jordyn Woods and Travis Scott, then goes out on the town without them

Jenner shared a discussion between her friends (which we’re translating as Jordyn Woods and Travis Scott) and herself.

[Kylie Jenner’s] Friends: “Let’s Have A Chill Night”
[Kylie Jenner] Me: ”  ”

Sometimes silence is the best shade of all!

In the wake of this Instagram shade, TMZ reports that Kylie was seen out on the town…without Travis. And there’s also no mention of a Jordyn sighting during Jenner’s outing in West Hollywood.

Kylie went to the NIce Guy and left at around midnight in an enormous Rolls. The media outlet reports that Jenner and Travis continue to try to salvage their relationship after she reportedly found evidence that he had cheated on her on his cell phone.

Since the cheating rumors, Kylie and Travis have not been seen together.

Kylie Jenner, Jordyn Woods drama continues

Meanwhile, Kylie still apparently hasn’t forgiven Jordyn, who was her best friend for years.

Background: Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy Tristan Thompson and Jordyn kissed at a house party, Woods at first lied to Khloe Kardashian about her presence before confirmation that she had canoodled with Tristan leaked.

Woods has gone back to Instagram, posting again. At one point, Jenner’s assistant Victoria Villarroel liked one of Jordyn’s posts, according to Elle. But then, we’re assuming under Kylie’s instructions, Victoria un-liked the post.

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What do you think of how Kylie Jenner threw shade at Travis Scott and Jordyn Woods? Do you think she’s right to still be upset over the cheating drama or should she forgive one or both? Share your views in our comments section.