Kim Kardashian shows off curvy figure and long locks in new post


Kim Kardashian is known for her great body and amazing hair. In a recent photo she posted, she has shown off both of those things. Her normally sleek hair even goes past her knees.

Kim Kardashian shows off curvy figure

Kim Kardashian and her curvy figure have both become icons. She has no trouble showing it off as she always posts about it on Instagram.

In her most recent post the star showed off those big hips and toned body as she posed for a pair of sunglasses. It seems kind of odd she needed her whole body for a sunglasses pic, but whatever it takes.

Peeping through her million foot long hair, you can see her toned stomach. I’m not exactly sure why her hair is so long, but it certainly is a statement.

Kim also posted a closer up shot of her in sunglasses again. This one she still has long hair, but it doesn’t quite show off all those curves.

It looks like Kim has been having a lot of fun recently and even party with Paris Hilton according to CNN.

Kim isn’t all glitz and glam

While she is pretty much the Queen of Instagram, Kim isn’t just a good body. She’s also been trying to do a lot to use her name and “powers” for good. She just recently agreed to pay the rent for a man released from prison. She has made this commitment for the next five years.

It’s nice to see Kim actually trying to make a difference in this world instead of just shopping and posting on social media. Who knows what she will do next in this world!

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What do you think of Kim’s long hair? Let us know what you think about her long locks in the comments and stay tuned for more Kardashian news. With the new season of Keeping up with the Kardashians right around the corner, you don’t want to miss out.