Kylie Jenner slays Instagram in clingy, naked mini dress amid pregnancy rumors


Kylie Jenner stuns Instagram in a totally see-through mini dress. Slaying in the popular naked style, the KUWTK star faces rumors of a second pregnancy.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) star Kylie Jenner seems to be competing with big sister Kim Kardashian when it comes to those trendy naked styles.

Jenner is wowing Instagram with her clingy naked mini dress (just like Kim recently wore!) but she’s also sparked rumors that she’s pregnant with her second baby. We’ve got the gossip below.

Kylie Jenner stuns Instagram in completely see-through mini dress

Kylie is, as one fan wrote admiringly, a “hot mama” in her mini dress.

The naked style plus the clingy material and the so-short-it-could-be-a-shirt length add up to a lot of va-vooom power.

The material is so see-through that every inch of Kylie’s bra and thong is visible.

Jenner has her eyes closed, perhaps so we can better admire those long lashes and perfectly applied eye makeup (we see you, gorgeous girl!).

As for her on-point pose, Kylie is showing off her curves that she carefully restored after giving birth to her very first baby.

And that baby has sparked rumors that Jenner is pregnant again.

Kylie Jenner pregnant with second baby? Fans vote yes

Some fans think that Kylie is sporting a tiny baby bump and looking forward to the arrival of baby number two with Travis Scott.

As for actual confirmation that Jenner has a second pregnancy that she’s hiding again, well, zero, folks.

But some fans think one of Kylie’s Instagram posts proves that she’s pregnant again, noted Cosmopolitan.

Kylie has shared videos and photos of her precious daughter, Stormi, clinging to her mommy. There are old wives tales that a baby gets clingy when her mother is pregnant.

In one video, Jenner scolds Stormi that she’s “gotta do things without me.” And in the photo above, Kylie tells her fans that her baby is “stuck” to her “like glue” lately.

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What do you think? Is Stormi giving away the secret that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her second baby, and could that be a tiny baby bump in that clingy mini dress? Share your views below.