Joe Jonas helped his GOT wife through major body image struggles


Game of Thrones just ended and the actors are opening up about what they faced during filming. Sophie Turner faced some major eating disorder problems. Joe Jonas, her now husband, helped her through those dark times.

Sophie Turner struggles with her body image

Cast as Sansa Stark when she was just 13, Sophie Turner faced a lot of body image issues as she grew up in front of the camera. Playing such a rigorous roll totally makes sense that she would feel the pressure. Especially as a young girl on screen. Joe Jonas may have saved her life.

According to E! News, she struggled with depression for years and was very unhappy with how she looked. People were commenting on her appearance as her metabolism slows down. Of course metabolism slows down as you grow. No one looks the same from 13 to 18.

Some days she would even just eat nuts to keep her weight down. Definitely not healthy.

Joe Jonas makes Sophie love herself

The Jonas Brothers band member, Joe Jonas, tried to help Sophie through this dark time in her life. She met Joe Jonas when she was 20 and right in the middle of this mental troubles. Joe told her though, he can’t love her if she doesn’t love herself.

While this may sound harsh, Sophie thinks Joe really may have saved her life.

We are so glad he did because we love Sophie Turner. There would be not better Sansa through all the Game of Thrones seasons!

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