Cardi B wears revealing hot pink suit to court appearance


Court appearances are usually meant to be pretty serious. However, Cardi B wore a hot pink suit…with nothing underneath. Quite the interesting professional wear choice.

Cardi B struts her stuff

Cardi B strutted right up to court in a hot pink suit. That’s not all though. She’s not wearing a shirt under the jacket according to Hollywood Life. Now, nothing crazy is showing. However, it is a little bit more revealing than your every day court outfit.

Along with the fierce outfit, she had fierce hair and accessories. Bedazzled nails and shoes and long black hair that went down to her waist were the icing on the cake. Honestly, this should just be the new fashion statement. Can we all wear whatever we want to court? It sure would make Jury Duty more fun.

This isn’t the first time Cardi has been super fierce lately. She has been posting on Instagram very intense photos. This is all while she deals with surgery complications. As a mom and hard worker, she’s pretty much goals.

Why is Cardi in court?

So the thing that maybe makes her less “goals” is why she was going to court. Turns out she was apart of an assault case. Two girls said that Cardi attacked them because she thought they slept with Offset. Remember everyone, violence is never the answer. That’s how you end up in court.

Now Cardi’s case is going to going to grand jury. I wonder what she will wear for future appearances?

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