Lady Gaga Instagram sparks Bradley Cooper romance rumors amid Irina Shayk split


Lady Gaga fans hit Instagram amid Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s split to push the Star Is Born couple to turn their perfect chemistry into a real romance.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper both gushed about how A Star Is Born could never have been birthed without the instant chemistry that the songstress and actor experienced.

Now, amid Cooper’s highly publicized split from Irina Shayk, fans of Bradley and Gaga as a couple are rushing to Instagram to urge the Star Is Born couple to birth a romance.

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk: Love triangle or Star Is Born performance?

Even before Cooper and Lady Gaga lit up the screen in A Star Is Born (and set off the rumor mill with their repeated confirmations of “chemistry” and “soulmates” in interviews), rumors were swirling that Bradley and Irina were having problems.

Repeated interviews from Cooper and Gaga on their perfect chemistry and instant friendship combined with the love scenes in their film turned the split rumors into love triangle gossip.

And that duet that Cooper and Lady Gaga gave at the Oscars lit the fire under those rumors.

“Because of [Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s] daughter, they keep trying,” an insider told Page Six.

"Things are not good. Neither one is happy. The relationship is hanging by a thread."

But even though Bradley and Irina reportedly want to hang in there for their daughter, their troubles allegedly are getting worse, according to the publication.

“They are miserable together,” summed up the source. “He doesn’t drink and is into spirituality.”

Meanwhile, the insider revealed that Irina wants to go out and have fun while Cooper apparently is more the stay-at-home type.

Bradley famously gushed about visiting Lady Gaga at her home, where she made him pasta and they felt “instant chemistry.”

Lady Gaga Instagram lights up after Bradley Cooper’s romance with Irina falls apart

As multiple media outlets report that Bradley and Irina are over, fans of Bradley and Lady Gaga are rushing to comment on her Instagram photos.

Many of Lady Gaga’s social media pics as well as videos feature her closeness to Cooper.

“I’m just here for Bradley split comments…🍿,” admitted one Cooper and Lady Gaga shipper, complete with a popcorn emoji (please add the butter and pass that popcorn over here).

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper embraced ‘instant chemistry’

Gaga didn’t hold back in gushing about the “instant chemistry” that she experienced with Bradley, pointed out Good Morning America.

Adding to the rumors that resulted about a romance outside of the Star Is Born set, some of the photos on Lady Gaga’s Instagram show the songstress and actor enjoying each other company’s as if they were Kim Kardashian and Kanye West showing off their marriage.

“We had instant chemistry when I met him,” Lady Gaga exclaimed. “As soon as I opened the door to my house and saw him, it was like, ‘[are] you hungry?’ And we’re both Italian and from the East coast — and before I knew it, I was heating up some leftover pasta for him and we were eating together.”

Cooper was equally enthusiastic about his relationship with Gaga.

“I’m just so glad God gave her the talent that she has and he chose her, because that’s quite a vessel to go through,” he said, adding, “And she’s such a beautiful human being.”

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Do you think that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have a professional-only relationship, or do you believe that their “chemistry” in A Star Is Born contributed to his split from Irina? Share your views below.