KUWTK Recap, hamster death and Christmas celebration

Sunday was a wild night for the Kardashian clan. The newest episode of KUWTK included a hamster dying and the famous Christmas eve party. It was definitely not an episode to miss!

RIP new Kardashian-West hamster

It wasn’t that long ago when Khloe Kardashian bought North West a new hamster on KUWTK. Now, somehow that hamster has died, and Kim Kardashian is faced with the struggle every parent faces. How to tell their kid their pet died.

Instead of doing it and getting it over with, Kim goes on a mission to replace the hamster. She faces some struggles, but eventually replaces it.

North is none the wiser. Luckily, she’s pretty happy so I guess alls well that ends well.


The KUWTK Christmas party

Everyone knows that the Kardashian crew throws a legendary Christmas party every year. We got to see that happen on the episode last night.

The best part? Kim Kardashian tries to cut back expenses LOL according to People. If you saw the party, that did NOT look like a party with expenses cut back. There was literally fake sledding in the backyard, in California. SLEDDING. What party that you cut back on has sledding in the middle of Cali?

When we cut back expenses on my parties that meant we were making hot dogs over a fire. Not there will be less snow and we have to refrain from having an ice rink.

Kim had tho throw the party at her house this last year. There’s no telling who will have to host this year, but if Kanye has any say in the party it’s sure to be amazing.

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What did you think of last night’s episode of KUWTK? Which part was your favorite? Let us know what you think in the comments. Be sure to watch new episodes of the show Sunday nights. That’s the best way to keep up with everything they are doing!

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