Rumors Fly: Has Rob Kardashian found love again?

Fans are speculating Rob Kardashian may have moved on post Blac Chyna. Is this true? Only time will tell, but here’s the clues they’ve found.

Rob Kardashian gets flirty

Rob Kardashian is still on Twitter despite being banned from Instagram for posting “revenge-porn” of ex, Blac Chyna.

On Twitter he reached out to Natti Natasha according to Hollywood Life

The Kardashian brother tweeted Natti that her new song is his favorite song with a devil emoji. Now, Rob Kardashian has a lot of connections and probably not much motivation to talk to anyone he doesn’t care about seeing as he’s been famous since he was a child.

What’s even better though, is Natti’s response. She tweeted him back saying “I know” with a heart and arrow emoji. Ugh, *swoon*.

As you can imagine, fans started freaking out and automatically assuming the two are together. There’s no denying they are flirty with each other. They would be a cute couple. At this point, Rob Kardashian deserves to find some love.

It’s been a while since he had anything with Blac Chyna. It ended terrible, but everyone makes mistakes. Maybe it’s finally time for them to both move on. They are doing great co-parenting with Dream, they can both be in love with other people now. She will be just fine if her parents are happy.

We hope the best for Rob, he’s had a rough time growing up. You got this Rob! Just go for it!

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Do you ship Rob Kardashian and Natti Natasha? Let us know in the comments. Be sure to watch new episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians every Sunday night on E!. You probably won’t see Rob, but you will hear about him. That’s better than nothing!

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