Blac Chyna accuses Rob Kardashian of being a hypocrite

The Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian drama never really ends. Now, Blac Chyna has a reality TV show and Rob Kardashian isn’t letting their daughter Dream make an appearance.

Rob Kardashian gets called a hypocrite

Blac Chyna has a new reality TV show and it sounds like Dream won’t be apart of it according to Hollywood Life. So, you’re probably thinking “wasn’t Dream on KUWTK with Rob Kardashian?” Yep, she was. Don’t worry Chyna thought of that too.

What’s even worse? Rob never asked Chyna if he could put Dream on TV. She was rather insulting as she talking about how the Kardashians just try to boost ratings and only care about money. But honestly, I would be pretty mad too. Her outbursts are to be expected.

She posted about the whole thing on Instagram. It really explained the situation. It sounds like Rob didn’t come talk to her “like an adult”. Let’s be honest, Rob has never really been much of an adult. Does this come as a surprise? To me it doesn’t, but ya know…maybe knowing him in real life helps.

Ultimately, Chyna is upset that she can’t have one of her kids in the show. The new show is supposed to be about her. It makes sense that she would want them both in her show. However, Rob’s thoughts need to be respected. Just like Kanye didn’t want North on the show, not everyone wants their babies on TV.

Do you agree with Blac Chyna’s anger or do you think she needs to cool down. What about Rob Kardashian? Do you agree with his ideas?

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