Kim Kardashian wishes daughter, North West, a very happy birthday and shares it with Instagram


Kim Kardashian loves celebrating special occasions, and what could be more special than the birthday of her oldest daughter? Happy birthday, North West!!!

Kim Kardashian and her sisters never let a day go by without sharing something on social media.

And now that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians sisters (with the exception of Kendall Jenner) are parents, it’s even more exciting.

Kim Kardashian turns to Instagram to celebrate North West’s birthday

It seems you can’t go a day without seeing news about the Kardashian/Jenner clan on social media. With all we have experienced alongside the famous family, not sure if we pictured the girls as parents.

Call it immaturity or being extremely self-absorbed, the girls surprised us all and are amazing mothers. If you actually think about it though, the matriarch of the family, Kris Jenner, has always been supportive of her daughters and extremely present. The girls have a great role model in Kris when it comes to motherhood.

Kim Kardashian shared a super sweet Instagram picture, wishing her daughter, North West, a happy sixth birthday. Her caption captured everyone’s heart.

“Happy Birthday my sweet girl! The last 6 years have been the best of my life raising you and seeing you grow up. Mommy loves you forever and beyond.”


Kim’s love for her daughter is crystal clear and you can tell she really enjoys motherhood. While we  are used to mostly seeing North West (love saying that name), in her images, Kim has no problem sharing her motherhood journey of four, with the world.

Should Kim Kardashian keep North’s birthday private?

How do we feel about famous people putting their children out there for everyone to see? “Normal” people do it every day. Just scroll through your Facebook feed and you’ll see the kid who sat behind you in science class visiting the zoo with his five-year old. Look at Instagram and you’ll find that girl from high school who decided she would turn goth for a month, in her hospital bed after giving birth. Oh and she is now blonde and no longer sports black nail polish.

As moms, there’s nothing better than bragging about our kids. They are our pride and joy, except when they constantly pee on the seat and then we sit on it, day after day after day. By ‘we’, I may mean ‘me’. Boy mom of three here and the struggle is real people.

I think the fact that the Kardhashians/Jenners post about their kids is awesome. It makes them seem real, relatable and human. Otherwise, they are an extremely wealthy family who likes to make sex tapes, date basketball players and show off their big butts.

Nothing against big butts. Right Sir Mix a Lot?  “We like big butts and we cannot lie”.

One thing Kim and her family teaches the world is the importance of family. I love how close everyone is and seeing pictures and videos of all the cousins playing. It’s super special and I think it sends a really good message.

Over the top parties

North West and her cousin, Penelope Disick, (also my dog’s name by the way), celebrated their birthdays together with an over the top (duh) Candy Land themed party, as shown in Kourtney’s Instagram stories, reported People. I want to come back one day as a Kardashian or possibly my dog. Both options sound pretty amazing.

What’s better than celebrating birthdays together with family…oh and millions of social media followers? Are we jealous? Mmmm….not really. Okay, maybe a little. I would like a party like that for my next birthday when I turn 25. What, is that a stretch? Okay, 35. Fine…there may or may not be a 4  in front of my age. So, so what?

Kim Kardashian has come a long way. Sex tapes got her career started and she has sustained popularity with her fashion, of course her tush, her marriages and now her four kids. I would say that’s major progress!

Keep on posting Kim. We love watching you flourish as a mama, a business woman, a sister, a daughter and a wife!

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Do you guys post pics of your kids? Do you like to watch North and her siblings and cousins grow on social media? Share your thoughts below people! I did and now it’s your turn.