Kate Middleton rudeness may ease Meghan Markle feud with this ‘snobby’ royal

Kate Middleton shocked royal watchers with her rudeness, but her misbehaving may help Meghan Markle’s feud with one notoriously ‘snobby’ royal.

Kate Middleton has benefited from years longer than Meghan Markle to become accustomed to the rules of the royal family. However, Kate recently found herself on the receiving end of a reprimand from royalty. Find out what happened…and why that might be good news for Meghan Markle.

What exactly did Kate Middleton do to deserve royal reprimand?

Princess Kate always looks so confident in her impeccable outfits. But even Middleton can have a misstep, and that’s just what recently happened.

The rude behavior exhibited by Kate took place at a royal ceremony, reported the Express.

Rather than follow established protocol, which calls for silence and observance of the ceremony, Middleton was spotted gossiping with the Queen Of The Netherlands. Oops.

Her rudeness even earned her a reprimand from Camilla Parker Bowles, her mother-in-law. Camilla was quite stern in scolding Kate about her ceremonial misstep.

But Kate ending up on Parker Bowles’ bad side may be good news for Meghan Markle.

Kate Middleton misstep may have upside for Meghan Markle

Will Camilla relent and befriend Meghan now that she’s gotten so mad at Middleton?

Markle and Parker Bowles reportedly haven’t gotten along for months, with Radar Online describing Camilla as “snobby” and giving Meghan the silent treatment.

The rumored feud between Markle and Parker Bowles has only gotten worse since Prince Harry tied the knot with the former actress, an insider told the publication.

And although Meghan and Kate Middleton have an infamous feud right now, the source insisted that it’s “nothing compared to what’s going on with Camilla.”


Parker Bowles doesn’t even speak to Meghan, and out of all the royal family, she has been the “snobbiest and least friendly,” added the insider. “Camilla even told her ‘this is real life and you’re not an actress playing a role.”

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Talk about mean girls! We hope that at the least, Parker Bowles will lighten up on Markle now that she’s seen that Kate Middleton has her own issues.


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