Kris Jenner tears up over loss of best friend


Kris Jenner has definitely been through it and back, which is why she and friend Faye Resnick were getting teary-eyed over the loss of their best friend, Nicole Brown Simpson.

Last week on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ we saw Kris Jenner meet up with her close family friend, Faye Resnick.

The dynamic duo, who looked absolutely stunning with their matching Birkin bags and all, went out for lunch this past summer, and they got served a lot more than what they wanted to order.

The two sat down at a restaurant that held a lot of sentimental value to the two. If you aren’t too sure, Kris and Faye were both very good friends of the late Nicole Brown Simpson.

Nicole, who was murdered back in June 1994, was a good friend of Kris and Faye’s for decades, making her mysterious death a very difficult pill to swallow for the two.

The topic has been discussed many a time on the show, and the two took the opportunity at lunch to reminisce their times with Nicole.

“The last time I was here was with you (Kris) and Nicole”, said Resnick. “It is very difficult being here, I have to tell you” Resnick continued. The family friend went on to talk about how many occasions the three of them had at this restaurant, and how it was bringing back so many memories.

Kris couldn’t believe it had been that long since dining at this particular restaurant, but that was not the only shock she’d get that night. 

“We sat right over there” Kris pointed to the table where she, Resnick and best friend Nicole had last sat down. She then went on to recount what Nicole had last ordered during their time together 30 years ago, and this is when things got scary.

It was time to get to ordering, and when the waiter handed the ladies their menu, he mentioned how this is their 30th-anniversary menu! The same exact menu in which the ladies all last ordered from together.

“Wow, that just gave me chills”, said Kris. The coincidence gave Resnick “goosebumps”, while the two tried to wrap their heads around the timing of it all.

This moment led Kris to feelings of sadness, “that makes me sad”, Kris said, holding back tears while looking at friend Faye.

Losing a friend is never easy, and we can’t imagine the pain the two went through 30 years ago when they lost their dear friend.

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