Kim Kardashians gets Kris Jenner emotional gift


Kim Kardashian may have just won the daughter of the year with her most recent gift to momager Kris Jenner on her 64th birthday.

Kim has always been one to throw a lavish party and gift some of the best gifts, and she is keeping up with her ongoing tradition today!

The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star celebrated Kris Jenner’s birthday in the most sentimental and emotional way, and we could not be more touched by her thoughtful gift.

If you haven’t been keeping up, Kris Jenner celebrated her 64th birthday earlier this week and had all her kids and close friends send her some thoughtful messages, but it was Kim’s surprise that really took the cake.

After getting all of Kris’ kids together, momma MJ and her best friends of 40+ years, the birthday girl was surprised with such an emotional and touching gift. Check out the reveal in the second clip of the show below!

If that didn’t make you tear up, we aren’t sure what would! Kim posted the moment she revealed Kris’ surprise gift to her Instagram and explained it all in her caption.

The mother of four had sent out invitations to the birthday group to have lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel, however, that was merely a ploy to get everyone together. Once the group was all present at the hotel, Kim then handed out the real invitations!

Each party member opened up the invite and the tears began to flow! Kim Kardashian had rented out their childhood home where all her siblings grew up with momager Kris and late father, Robert Kardashian.

In addition to their childhood home, Kim also rented each and every car their family had when they were younger and. even replicated the license plates!

Kris Jenner’s birthday was full of nostalgia, and the now 64-year old could not contain her emotions. Jenner instantly busted out into tears having to hide behind her invitation to have a moment to take it all in.

We could not think of a more special way to celebrate Kris Jenner’s birthday, and it appears she thought so too!

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