Kim and Khloe Kardashian slam Kourtney for “not sharing enough”

Kim and Khloe Kardashian are not happy with their older sister, Kourtney! The two believe that Kourt is “not sharing enough”, and have an explosive argument.

In a recent sneak peek clip posted onto the official Keeping Up With The Kardashians Instagram page, fans were able to see Kim and Khloe Kardashian give Kourtney a piece of their mind.

Considering Kourtney has recently revealed that she is taking a step back from the show, it appears this decision was made due to what Kim and Khloe were arguing to Kourt over.

While Kourtney has the right to showcase what she chooses on Keeping Up, her sisters think that as she signed up for the show, she should be sharing a lot more than she has been.

The explosive confrontation occurred at Kourtney’s home, where Kim and Khloe showed up uninvited with the entire camera crew.

Kourt was clearly not happy about this, claiming that her sisters are not respective of her privacy, and have ‘crossed a line’. 

Kourtney continued by telling them that she has nothing to hide, however, would like to keep certain parts of her life off-camera.

Kim and Khloe think that due to her lack of presence on the show, they have been picking up the slack and having to make up for Kourtney’s absence. While this is definitely annoying, we kind of see where Kourtney is coming from this on this one.

While Kim and Khloe have every right to feel some type of way about Kourt, to bring the cameras to her house when she was no ready or expecting them, is definitely a boundary that was crossed.

Let us know where you stand on this one and if you think Kourtney is right, or if Kim and Khloe have every right to be angry!

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