Kim Kardashian gives a tour of her giant fridge

Kim Kardashian is making headlines after the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star gave a tour of her mega pantry and refrigerator.

While we’re used to the Kardashians making headlines for many reasons, a kitchen tour usually is not one of them, alas, here we are.

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram yesterday to give a tour of a part of her home that fans have never seen, her kitchen!

While the social media maven has shared bits of her very sleek and neutral kitchen before, it turns out she has a completely more functional one hidden away where the cooking actually takes place.

In addition to this secret nook, the KKW Beauty creator also gave fans and followers a tour of her pristine food pantry and walk-in fridge, yes, you read that right, walk-in fridge!

The tour was posted onto Kim’s Instagram Stories and the internet instantly blew up!

Not only does she have everything stores perfectly, but she also shared how she has reduced plastic use completely! Not only does Kim keep all of her food in glass jars, but she also got rid of any and all plastic bottles she used to keep in her fridge.

The pantry is full of just about everything you need, including her very own frozen yogurt machine! The glass refrigerator doors show off her glass-bottled beverages, and array and milk that her kids drink.

She later moved on fro the pantry into what can only be called stainless steel heaven! Kim Kardashian’s personal chef cooked her a completely plant-based dinner (vegan tacos), where she later showed off her walk-in fridge.

The fridge is very reminiscent of one you’d find in a restaurant, containing all of the stars fresh produce, which she revealed is totally organic and natural.

It’s clear Kim Kardashian is doing kitchens the right way! We need to take notes and hop on-board because we are loving it!

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