Jennifer Lopez & Shakira crush the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira absolutely crushed it at last night’s Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show, and we are diving right into that today!

She is Jenny From The Block, and her Hips Don’t Lie, and together, they proved they could do it all.

Last night’s 2020 Super Bowl LIV Pepsi Halftime Show was hands down one of the best that we have seen in quite a while! Leave it to JLo and Shakira to shake things up in the best way possible.

The show began with Shakira appearing on stage in a stunning red ensemble! The sparkly red dress matched her glittery eyeshadow and we loved every bit of it.

Shakira began with her hit song ‘She Wolf’ before a symphony of violins transitioned into ‘Empire’, and she starting rocking out on stage guitar and all. It’s clear she was not playing around and was in it to win it.

The Colombian born singer later appeared ready to serve us with some of her best belly dancing skills. The Lebanese Latin infused music led Shakira through a series of immaculate belly dancing work, which she proved yet again, that she is the queen of.

Fireworks went off across the stadium once she began her hit song ‘Whenever, Wherever’, however, that segment didn’t last too long before she was ripping a piece of her red dress off for her performance of Cardi B’s “I Like It”, with none other than Bad Bunny himself.

The two killed their performance together, and the crowd was definitely vibing to it too!

It was finally time for the song we’d all been waiting for, and it didn’t disappoint! Shakira ended her segment with ‘Hips Don’t Lie’, as she crowd surfed and danced as her life depended on it.

The camera then panned to what appeared to be a miniature Empire State Building where Jennifer Lopez was ready to crush the game even more.

She began by performing her iconic ‘Jenny From The Block’ song, and we knew right then and there that we were in for quite the show.

It wasn’t too long until Jennifer had a bedazzled cane in her hand and ‘Get Right’ began blasting throughout the stadium. While her vocals were on point, her dancing is what gets us going just about every single time.

The singer then slid across the stage where her black leather outfit was ripped off revealing a gorgeous silver patterned bodysuit that highlighted JLo’s figure in all the right places.

Jennifer Lopez then gave us a pole routine that brought us right back to her incredible performance in ‘Hustlers’ as she sang to one of our fav JLo songs ‘Waiting For Tonight’.

It was definitely a Latin night, because Colombian rapper, J Balvin then joined the stage with Jennifer Lopez for his hit song ‘Mi Gente’ with a remix that had us all getting down in our living rooms!

One of our fav moments was seeing none other than JLo’s daughter, Emme, perform alongside her mother! This adorable moment was preceded by JLo coming out in a Puerto Rican flag sending out love to all the Latinos, making quite the statement that we were living for.

The entire stadium was up on their feet getting loud, and it was truly a moment to remember.

While having Shakira and Jennifer Lopez headline the Super Bowl Halftime show, everyone was wondering whether the two would appear on stage together, and behold, they did!

The two iconic women sang ‘Waka Waka’ together and danced as if there was no tomorrow. The two proved that they were the best of the best and there really isn’t going up anywhere from this point.

The show was full of surprises, dancing, hot music and pyrotechnics that really tied everything into one heck of a Halftime Show! We gotta give it to both JLo and Shakira for tearing up the stage and showing off their skills three decades into their careers.

Let us know your thoughts on the show, and if you tuned in for the big game last night!

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