Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift feud: Who has more social media followers?

Kim Kardashian West -- (Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC)
Kim Kardashian West -- (Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC) /

Both Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift have cultivated some of the biggest social followings on Twitter and Instagram, but who exactly has more followers?

When it comes to social media, few celebrities have fan bases quite as passionate as Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift. While the duo have each made a name for themselves by charting unique courses in life, one common simialarity they happen to share is their social media influence.

Both Kim and Taylor have long used platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to reach their followers and build communities, but just which of the feuding stars have managed to build the bigger social media followings over the years?

Who has more Twitter followers Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift?

When it comes to Twitter followers, we already know that Kim Kardashian reigns supreme as the most followed Kardashian sister with the help of her 64.5 million followers.

It’s an impressive following which has made Kim one of the most followed individuals on all of Twitter; however, there are a handful of individuals with more followers, so is Taylor Swift one of those people?

Unfortunately for Kim fans, Taylor indeed outranks Kim in the world of Twitter with an impressive 85.9 million followers. Given her popularity in the music world, it’s not too surprising that Taylor has managed to cultivate a slightly larger Twitter fan base and both totals are nothing to scoff at, but can Taylor go two-for-two in this battle of social media?

Who has more Instagram followers Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift?

Like with Twitter, Taylor Swift has developed quite the passionate following on Instagram racking up an impressive 129 million followers on the social platform. The total helps make Taylor one of the most followed celebrities on the platform, but unfortunately, Instagram is still Kim’s domain.

By keeping a much more active profile on Instagram — as of the publishing of this piece, Kim has more than 10 times the number of Instagram posts Taylor has on her page — Kim remains the reigning queen of Instagram with an impressive 164 million followers!

Kim’s Instagram dominance keeps the score tied at one-to-one, but just who has the most overall followers?

Who has more overall social media followers Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift?

With 85.9 million Twitter followers and 129 million Instagram followers, Taylor Swift has a cumulative following of 214.9 million followers across the two platforms. It’s a total most can only dream of amassing, but is it enough to land her the title as the most followed individual?

As Kardashian fans are unlikely to find surprising, Kim Kardashian remains the reigning queen of social media with an overall total of 228.5 million followers! In other words, all hail our social media queen: Kim Kardashian!

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