Which One Direction member has the most followers?

Directioners are one of the most passionate fandoms around, but which One Direction member has managed to claim the honor as the most followed member?

Although it’s been nearly five years since the members of One Direction last toured together as a band before going their separate ways, fans continue to support the former bandmates through their solo ventures while anxiously awaiting the day the group might once again reunite — which might be coming sooner than expected.

Rumors have recently begun swirling that a reunion could be forthcoming as a means to celebrate the group’s tenth anniversary. Adding fuel to the fire has been the recent refollowing of one-time bandmate Zayn Malik by his former bandmates Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne. The move to refollow their one-time bandmate has created speculation that a reunion is all but official.

Beyond fueling the One Direction reunion buzz, the refollowing of Zayn by his former bandmates happened to spark a separate conversation regarding the followings of the former bandmates — namely which member of the group has the most followers.

Which One Direction member has the most Twitter followers?

When looking at the sizes of the One Direction bandmates’ Twitter followings, it’s perhaps telling that Zayn Malik — who of course left the group prior to their formal separation — comes in at the bottom of the list with 28.5 million followers.

Coming in fourth overall is Liam Payne with 32.8 million followers, followed by Louis Tomlinson who falls in the middle of the pack with 33.6 million followers.

Although many might assume Harry Styles to have the largest Twitter following, that honor goes to Niall Horan. With 39.4 million followers, Niall outranks Harry’s following of 34.2 million followers by more than five million followers making him the most followed member of the band on Twitter.

Which One Direction member has the most Instagram followers?

While Niall reigns supreme over his bandmates on Twitter, he comes in right at the middle of the pack on Instagram with a following of 23.2 million followers besting both Louis Tomlinson (14.2 million followers) and Liam Payne (18.7 million followers).

This, of course, leaves us with Zayn and Harry to battle it out for the honor of having the most Instagram followers.

Though Zayn is the least followed One Direction member on Twitter, he ironically is the most followed bandmate on Instagram with an impressive 32.2 million followers. This leaves Harry in second place once again with 27 million followers on Instagram — always the bridemaid, never the bride I suppose.

Which One Direction member has the most followers?

When tallying up the cumulative followings of each member of One Direction on both Twitter and Instagram, here’s how the five One Direction members social followings stack up:

  • Louis Tomlinson – 47.8 million followers.
  • Liam Payne – 51.5 million followers
  • Zayn Malik – 60.7 million followers
  • Harry Styles – 61.2 million followers
  • Niall Horan – 62.6 million followers

There you have it, folks! While in the middle of the pack on Instagram, Niall’s larger Twitter following helps make him the most followed member of One Direction!

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Would you have predicted Niall Horan to have the most Twitter followers among the One Direction members? Which of the One Direction members do you follow on Twitter?

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