Remembering Kim Kardashian’s Fall Out Boy music video appearance

Kim Kardashian is a household name today, but remember her starring in a Fall Out Boy’s music video? Let’s go back to 2009 in this week’s Throwback Thursday!

Each Thursday, we’ll be reminiscing to past moments from the Kardashian-Jenner files! We’ll be providing you with a fun mix of memories! This includes anything from recaps of popular episodes from the early days of Keeping Up with the Kardashians to impactful roles you may have forgotten about.

The name Kim Kardashian is recognized worldwide today, but it wasn’t always this way! After all, everyone has to begin somewhere. One of Kim’s first appearances is in the Fall Out Boy music video “Thnks fr th Mmrs” from 2009. And what a year that was!

Remembering Kim Kardashian’s Fall Out Boy music video debut this TBT

Ready to dive into a pool of nostalgia? Appearing in the “Thnks fr th Mmrs” video, Kim Kardashian plays a model (because, of course) hired to be part of a music video within a music video. It appears the lead, Pete Wentz, and Kim’s character hit it off. That is, until a jealous ape comes into the picture.

I have to say, for one of Kim Kardashian’s first acting gig, she’s not half bad! Kim does look very different, though! Then again, this was over a decade ago.

To further make you realize how much things have changed, at the time of the music video, Fall Out Boy was far more popular than the Kardashians. In fact, many comments left under the video share how they can’t believe they never knew she was on the music video until recently.

This isn’t Kim’s last music video appearance, either! Kim recently starred in Paris Hilton‘s “B.F.A” music video. Let’s just say it’s not as iconic as Fall Out Boy’s cameo! She also appears in one of Kanye West‘s videos.

Watch Kim Kardashian in the Fall Out Boy, “Thnks fr th Mmrs” video below:
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Which music video appearance do you think will be the most remembered in five years? Do you think Kim will star in another music video at some point? We love how Kim seems to always be down for anything!