Kylie Jenner sends out love and prayers to fans while social distancing

Kylie Jenner attends the Adidas Falcon FW18 Launch (Photo by Erik Voake/Getty Images for Adidas)
Kylie Jenner attends the Adidas Falcon FW18 Launch (Photo by Erik Voake/Getty Images for Adidas) /

While social distancing in her Beverly Hills home, Kylie Jenner sent love and prayers to her millions of followers doing the same.

From the beginning, Kylie Jenner and her sisters have been strong advocates for social distancing in using their platforms to urge followers to do join them in following the recommendations set by the CDC. In doing so, they’ve been equally upfront in admitting they too have been missing aspects of their normal day-to-day lives and looking ahead to the return of normalcy.

Of all the Kardashians, Kylie has been the most upfront with her eagerness to get back to normalcy even going so far as to directly admit to missing social time with friends. However, throughout it all, Kylie has maintained the we’re all in this together mentality and desire to lift followers’ spirits.

Kylie Jenner hopeful social distancing will end soon, sends love to fans

Donning what appears to be a one-piece bodysuit and matching grey Nike’s, Kylie poses for a sweet photo in the backyard of her Beverly Hills home. Given the aesthetics of the photo, some might assume the photo was snapped as a means to highlight a health regime/tip; however, the post was used to deliver a far more meaningful message from Kylie.

Realizing many of her fans are also struggling with the social distancing and other hardships caused by the current environment, Kylie took a moment to send her love and prayers to her millions of followers.

Check out Kylie Jenner’s sweet message to fans:

In addition to sending love to fans, Kylie expressed her hope for things to get back to normal soon — a feeling we all can agree to longing for during these interesting times.

Until then, fans can continue to turn to the Kardashians to help provide a source of entertainment and enjoyment. You also never know what you might learn from the family who have been keen on sharing quarantine activity ideas with their fans to help keep busy from home!

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How have you been passing the time while social distancing and self quarantining? Thoughts on Kylie Jenner’s message to fans?