Scott Disick takes over Punk’d on Quibi to prank French Montana

Punk’d is one of our favorite shows on Quibi, and Scott Disick recently took over the show to prank an unsuspecting French Montana.

Quibi launched earlier in April with dozens of new shows, including the reboot of a nostalgic favorite, Punk’d! We all remember the original prank reality series, hosted at the time by Ashton Kutcher. The actor pranked many celebrity friends and it was a joy to watch.

Now, Chance the Rapper is our host and he has been giving us some amazing pranks. But one of the most recent episodes has to be our favorite yet! It sees Scott Disick taking over things for Chance to prank one of his friends, French Montana.

Scott Disick takes over Punk’d on Quibi to prank French Montana

Men love their cars, this includes French Montana! In fact, you may say Montana is particularly fond of his vehicles. In the episode, he takes one of his rides for a check-up, only to be told that a large and important piece of the car is missing.

Who stole it? The culprit is right there in the shop, and Montana is not happy! I have to give it to him, though, he is relatively calm about things. It’s his friend Scott Disick, who innocently appears to check in on things, who is angrier. It’s all an act, of course.

Watch a snippet of the episode, below:

To watch the complete episode, and all others Quibi has to offer, you’ll need to sign up for a Quibi account! At the time of this writing, Quibi is offering your first 90 days free!

If you already have Quibi, which series is your favorite? We’ve been loving Chrissy Teigen’s Chrissy’s Court. 

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