Kourtney Kardashian celebrates birthday with rainbow explosion cake kit


Celebrating her birthday at home, Kourtney Kardashian whipped up a colorful birthday cake with help from her Flour Shop Rainbow Explosion Cake Kit.

Like many with spring birthdays, Kourtney Kardashian’s birthday celebration this year will be unique in nature and is likely to be a smaller celebration at home — similar to the birthday celebration sister Khloe Kardashian threw daughter True for her second birthday.

And what better way to celebrate a birthday at home with family than with a freshly baked cake, be it from scratch or with some help from a pre-made mix such as the one Kourtney seems to have turned to for her birthday cake!

Kourtney Kardashian celebrates birthday with Flour Shop Rainbow Explosion Cake Kit

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Kourtney Kardashian gave followers an inside look at her birthday prep which apparently includes whipping up a cake from home with a little help from an over-the-top cake mix!

In Kourtney’s colorful photo set against the backdrop her beautiful marble countertop, Kourtney is clearly ready to do a bit of baking with help from her rainbow-colored mixing bowls and birthday cake mix, but this isn’t just any average grocery store boxed cake mix we’re talking about.

As seen in Kourtney’s Instagram Stories photo, Kourtney will be whipping up a rainbow explosion cake with some help from her Flour Show Rainbow Explosion Cake Kit.

While not exactly a new trend, rainbow explosion cakes have been taking off in recent months and it seems Kourtney Kardashian is the latest looking forward to whipping up an Instagram-worthy cake to enjoy with her kids while social distancing at home on her birthday.

Where to buy the Flour Shop Rainbow Explosion Cake Kit for your next birthday

The Flour Shop Rainbow Explosion Cake Kit Kourtney Kardashian enjoyed whipping up for her birthday is currently available for purchase at Williams Sonoma. Retailing at $59.95, the kit is a bit on the costly side so it’s doesn’t exactly easily fit into everyone’s budget.

For those looking to celebrate their next birthday like their favorite Kardashian sister, here’s exactly what your $59.95 will get you:

  • One pouch of Magical Vanilla Cake Mix
  • Six Rainbow Coloring Gels
  • One pouch of Magical Frosting Mix
  • One pouch of Rainbow Explosion Mix sprinkles
  • One pouch of Rainbow Polka Dots
  • Packaging Tin containing mix and decorating materials which can be “used to store leftover coloring gels and sprinkles.”

According to Williams Sonoma, creating the colorful cake is as easy as following these quick steps:

"Start by combining the premium cake mix and coloring gels to bake the six rainbow-hued layers, then use the cream cheese frosting mix and colorful candies to frost, fill and decorate your surprise-filled dessert."

When all is said and done, home bakers should have a six-layer multi-colored cake with a surprise-filled center, frosted and decorated with delicious rainbow-colored sprinkles which should look something like this when all is said and done!

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Have you ever had the chance to enjoy one of Williams Sonoma’s Flour Shop Rainbow Explosion Cakes or any of the brand’s other dessert options? Would you splurge on a $60 cake mix to enjoy a birthday cake like the one Kourtney Kardashian enjoyed on her birthday?