Khloe Kardashian slays in flashback pics from her glam days

Hudson's Bay Co-Founders Emma Grede and Khloe Kardashian (Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images)
Hudson's Bay Co-Founders Emma Grede and Khloe Kardashian (Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images) /

Khloe Kardashian turned heads in a pair of stunning flashback pics hailing from her “glam days,” in which she rocks a neon top, high ponytail, and large hoop earrings.

Add Khloe Kardashian to the list of Kardashian family members missing her glam team, having the chance to get dolled up and go out to enjoy time with pals. Just days after big sis Kim Kardashian took to social media to express her longing to reconnect with her personal glam squad, Khloe followed suit with an omission of her own.

Although Khloe doesn’t directly give a shoutout to her glam squad or ask for a glam lesson over FaceTime as Kim did, it’s clear she’s missing the chance to get dressed up with somewhere to go.

Khloe Kardashian stuns flashback photos from glam days

As seen in the pair of photos posted on her Instagram page, Khloe throws it back with help from a pair of flashback photos which she stuns in a neon pink tank in full glam complete with a high ponytail, large hoop earrings, and a signature Khloe selfie pose.

In captioning the images, Khloe throws a nod to some classic lyrics from Singing in the Rain catchy tune “Good Morning,” before commenting about the shots being a flashback to glam days.

Check out Khloe Kardashian’s throwback photo below:

Honestly, we completely understand the feeling of missing normal semblances of one’s everyday routines. While getting done up with some help from a glam team isn’t quite a relatable process, we all have those few items we miss doing be it going out with friends, enjoying a movie, or even going to the gym to get in a quick workout.

Also relatable about Khloe’s shots? How about the love given to Khloe by her mom, Kris Jenner, in the comments section!

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Always the supportive mom, Kris doesn’t miss the chance to build up her daughter in sending her love and sending her compliments. “Oh, you are GORGEOUS!” as Kris put it — a sentiment we all can agree with.

Thoughts on Khloe Kardashian’s throwback glam shots and her bright pink top?