Jennifer Aniston shares her recipe for the perfect Quarantini

Jennifer Aniston has the perfect Quarantini recipe (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)
Jennifer Aniston has the perfect Quarantini recipe (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images) /

Move over Stanley Tucci, because Jennifer Aniston is stepping up to help spice up your next at-home cocktail hour with some tips for how to create the perfect Quarantini — because that’s what friends are for after all.

With bars across the nation closed, individuals across the nation have had to tap into their creative sides by playing bartender at home. While we all have our go-to, signature cocktails it never hurts to shake things up and what better way to add some variety to your next cocktail hour at home than with some help from Jennifer Aniston and her go-to margarita recipe.

Jennifer Aniston shares her go-to Quarantini recipe

During a recent sit down with Interview Magazine, Jennifer Aniston offered up her hot take on the type of margarita she enjoys most when sitting down to enjoy a cocktail!

When it comes to making the perfect margarita, the key for Jennifer comes down to ensure it’s not overly sweet. In order to achieve this, Jennifer recommends leaving the Cointreau and sugar on the sideline by sticking with the basics of lime juice, tequila, and Blanco.

Once you’ve combined your ingredients, the next step to creating Jennifer Aniston’s go-to margarita is in aggressively shaking the blend together so that it dilutes it ever so slightly. However, as Jen warns, this is a combination that is not easily achieved so it might take a few tries to perfect your margarita — which makes the perfect excuse to indulge as means of honing your craft.

Finally, Jen recommends only salting half of your glass so that you can, “dip into it if you’d like, but don’t have to wake up looking like someone beat your face in.” Now those are words to live by!

Check out Jennifer Aniston’s full interview with Interview Magazine below for her hot takes on everything from selfies (spoiler alert, she’s not a fan!) to whether she prefers L.A. over to New York as well as the complete walkthrough of her Quarantini recipe:

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Will you be taking Jennifer Aniston’s advice and giving her Quarantini recipe the next time you’re looking to enjoy a refreshing cocktail? How do you prefer your margaritas?