Kylie Jenner fans really want Kylie to watch Anne with an E

Lylie Jenner attends the premiere of Netflix's "Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly" (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)
Lylie Jenner attends the premiere of Netflix's "Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly" (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images) /

Kylie Jenner fans are quite the passionate group, who now seem to be trying to convince the fashion mogul to check out Netflix’s Anne with an E.

From the moment Netflix and CBS first announced the cancellation of their joint produced series Anne with an E, fans have been actively campaigning for studios to step in and save the day by renewing the beloved drama for a fourth season. For months, fans have been petitioning with active social media campaigns attempting to make their voices heard in hopes of securing closure for the show.

Now they’ve set their sights on Kylie Jenner in hopes of catching her attention and adding a high-level voice to the battle for more Anne with an E.

Fans recommend Anne with an E to Kylie Jenner

Knowing Kylie Jenner‘s social reach, fans have recently taken to Twitter in hopes of catching Kylie’s attention urging the self-made billionaire to add the show to her quarantine watchlist.

“Did you ever start this masterpiece of Anne with an E,” one user wrote in replying to a late March post from Kylie. “Gonna change your life,” another user wrote in encouraging Kylie to give the series a try by adding it to her Netflix queue.

Check out some of the fans trying to catch Kylie Jenner’s attention in recommending Anne with an E below: 

Given the size of her following, it having Kylie Jenner join the ranks of those vocally pushing for a final season or wrap-up movie could definitely help the continued efforts of the fan-led campaign.

Although it’s hard to know whether Kylie Jenner has seen Anne with an E or whether she might already have the show on her watchlist, we have to commend the dedication of fans in rallying for their favorite show!

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Have you personally checked out Netflix’s Anne with an E? Would you like to see Kylie Jenner join the Anne with an E fandom — and do you think it could help give the renewal campaign efforts a boost should she join the fandom?