Rob Kardashian’s Twitter is the most random feed and we totally love it

Rob Kardashian attends the Sky Beach Club (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)
Rob Kardashian attends the Sky Beach Club (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images) /

Unlike his older (and younger) sisters, Rob Kardashian‘s Twitter feed is full of random liked and retweeted tweets but we absolutely Rob’s randomness!

When it comes to social media, the Kardashians are in a league of their own. Through their near-daily posting on Twitter and Instagram, the Kardashians have amassed some of social media’s biggest followings. However, one member of the Kardashian family hasn’t quite strived for the same level of notoriety or activeness.

We’re of course referring to Rob Kardashian who, unlike his sisters (and even mom, Kris Jenner), doesn’t quite engage using the social platforms in the same way.

Rob Kardashian has the most random Twitter feed, but we totally love it

As anyone who follows the likes of Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, and Kendal and Kylie Jenner knows, the sisters are active almost daily on Twitter and Instagram. From sharing inside looks at their latest projects, pulling back the curtain to give fans a glimpse at their daily activities, interacting with followers, the Kardashian sisters never hold back from sharing their thoughts on any and everything.

Then there’s Rob Kardashian, whose feed likely looks a bit more like yours and my Twitter feed — which we absolutely love!

While Rob will occasionally post a personal item such as a photo or video of his daughter Dream or quick birthday wish, Rob’s feed is generally flooded with retweets and quick responses to random items — generally related to sports or entertainment items. When responding, he’s generally a man of few words, using emojis to help convey his thoughts and sharing quick soundbites in responding to things.

Take for example Rob’s interactions on Twitter thus far in May.

As of the publishing of this piece, Rob has tweeted three times — all in the form of retweets of items that caught his attention. This has included a tweet from sister Kim Kardashian in which she named Tom Hanks her favorite actor, a teaser from Rick and Morty, and a retweet for the show Dave, which sister Kourtney guessed on in its debut season.

There’s no rhyme or rhythm to the tweets — they just happened to be tweets Rob saw, liked and decided to share with his followers by giving them a retweet. No that is something we can all relate to!

Although we’d love to hear more from Rob directly in seeing how he’s doing, we wouldn’t change anything about his Twitter feed. It’s random, it’s simple and it’s real — three things we absolutely love!

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Do you follow Rob Kardashian on Twitter and, if so, do you love the randomness of his activity on the social media platform? Would you love to see Rob become more active in using Twitter like his sisters?