Kourtney Kardashian flattered by Reign Disick putting her age as 21 on homework


Reign Disick flatters mom Kourtney Kardashian in guessing her age as 21.

Like most parents during these times of social distancing, Kourtney Kardashian has been donning many caps lately including teacher to her three little ones. With schools closed, Kourtney has been doing her best to keep her three kids busy and their minds sharp by having them continue with schoolwork.

While Kourtney hasn’t shared too much information about her homeschooling experiencing, she recently took to Instagram to share a funny and sweet answer given by son Reign Disick on his latest assignment.

As part of a worksheet called “All About My Mom,” Reign was asked to tell his teacher all about his mom beginning with her age. In answering the question, Reign was more than a few years off in putting mom Kourtney’s age at 21 — which we honestly love!

Kourtney was clearly flattered by Reign’s answer, taking to Instagram to have a laugh with her followers and highlighting the sweet response. While Reign was clearly mistaken, there’s definitely no arguing that Kourtney looks far younger than her current age and is in incredible shape.

Kourtney Kardashian shares Reign’s funny homework answers

While Reign’s answer to his mom’s age was the true highlight, we’re loving Reign’s sweet responses to the worksheet’s other prompts.

One particular question that made us chuckle a bit was Reign admitting his mom is really good at boxing. We’re sure his aunt Kim Kardashian can attest to the fact that Kourtney indeed can pack a powerful punch in a fight.

Check out the other adorable answered given by Reign on his homework (bolded text indicates Reign’s answer to the blanks in each question) below:

  • She likes to watch a movie with me.
  • The best thing she cooks is waffles
  • Her favorite food is salmon.
  • Her favorite drink is iced apple tea.
  • Her favorite thing she does to relax is chill with me.
  • We like to hug and kiss every second together.
  • She is really good at boxing
  • As you can see my mom is special because I have a special heart and I make it magic.

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Do you love that Reign Disick put mom Kourtney Kardashian’s age down as 21 on his homework sheet? Which of the other answers from Reign’s shared homework brought a smile to your face?