Kim Kardashian teases fans with stunning blonde selfie

Kim Kardashian dons a blonde wig in a sultry new selfie.

Kim Kardashian, when are you going to stop toying with our emotions?!

Just days after faking fans out in wearing a blonde wig while performing a KKW makeup tutorial, Kim has shared yet another stunning shot in which she ditches her signature dark locks for a lighter, blonde look.

In the newly released selfie, Kim is absolutely glowing as she rocks what we presume to be the same blonde wig from her previous social post. Kim’s glam lessons have definitely been paying off, as the shot looks like it was taken between a photoshoot rather taken by Kim from the comfort of her home.

Although we know it to be a wig, we’re living for Kim’s blonde looks and are definitely ready to see Kim fully embrace the look by taking the step of actually dying her hair blonde again!

Will Kim Kardashian go blonde after quarantine?

That’s indeed the million-dollar question on the minds of Kim Kardashian’s millions of followers and even Kim’s longtime hairstylist Chris Appleton.

Weeks into social distancing, Kim took to social media to reveal her desire to revisit her blonde style. At the time, Kim noted she was contemplating dying her hair blonde once it was safe to have human interaction again.

After a few weeks, she then took to Instagram where she tricked fans into thinking she had finally given in to her urge; however, it was revealed soon after she was simply donning a blonde wig. Then came the above selfie which was likely snapped around the same time Kim shot her KKW Beauty makeup tutorial in the blonde wig that set the internet on fire.

Although it’s hard to tell just if Kim Kardashian will go blonde, she definitely seems to be hinting that a return to a blonde look could be in the cards! For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Do you prefer Kim Kardashian’s natural look as a brunette or are you longing to see Kim revisit her time as a blonde? Share your thoughts below.

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