KUWTK: You won’t believe how much Kylie Jenner spent on her private jet

Kylie Jenner (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Marie Claire)
Kylie Jenner (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Marie Claire) /

Kylie Jenner spent more than $50 million on a luxury private jet

While Kylie Jenner might no longer be a billionaire in Forbes’s eyes, it’s clear the youngest member of the Kardashian family is doing just fine!

As if laying down $36.5 million for a beautiful new California home wasn’t a big enough expense for the beauty mogul, Kylie is reported to have spent roughly twice that in recent months on another big-ticket item. That item? A new private jet!

According to a new report from Page Six, the beauty mogul is reported to have recently splurged on a new Global Express Jet with a hefty price tag of roughly $50-$70 million. Considering how much travel Kylie does, adding a private jet to her list of assets is definitely a reasonable move even if it set her back an unreasonable amount of cash.

Per Page Six, part of the cost came from Kylie’s decision to have the jet custom-designed with her inspiration being her daughter Stormi. The jet also happens to be a larger style which comes with a rough annual cost of $5 million to maintain, making it quite the long-term investment.

Kylie Jenner said to have spent more than $130 million in recent months

Between her luxurious private jet and glamorous new multimillion-dollar home, Kylie has opened her wallet up and treated herself to quite the shopping spree already this year. However, it seems Kylie hasn’t stopped there.

As Page Six reports, Kylie is said to have laid down $15 million on a plot of land next to her home and is looking to build a new house on the property and spent another $3.25 million for some land in Plam Springs with the hope of building a house on that land as well.

Between those few purchases, Kylie is said to have spent more than $130 million already in 2020! I guess it’s like they always say if you’ve got it flaunt it!

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Are you shocked to hear how much Kylie Jenner reported paid out for her private jet? What big-ticket item would you splurge for if you were a multimillionaire such as Kylie?