Why did Kim Kardashian skip Khloe Kardashian’s birthday party?

Kim Kardashian West on The Tonight Show -- (Photo by: NBC)
Kim Kardashian West on The Tonight Show -- (Photo by: NBC) /

Kim Kardashian fails to attend Khloe Kardashian’s 36th birthday party

Khloe Kardashian celebrated her 36th birthday on June 27 with the help of family and friends; however, big sis Kim Kardashian seems to have skipped the celebration.

While social gathering restrictions have lessened in recent weeks, the Kardashians have continued to limit their interactions in hopes of limiting their contact with others and helping to do their part to flatten the curve. For this reason, Khloe decided to celebrate her birthday a bit differently this year by throwing a family (and close friends) only party at her California home rather than a larger gathering.

As Khloe revealed in a series of photos posted to her Instagram account and Instagram Stories, the lavish party brought together nearly her entire family. Looking through her images, Khloe’s party brought out her entire family with Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Rob Kardashian, and Kendall Jenner all dropping in to celebrate — well almost her entire family.

Although Khloe’s guest list included most of her family (and even her ex Tristan Thompson), as far as we can tell, big sister Kim Kardashian failed to make an appearance at the birthday celebration.

Why wasn’t Kim Kardashian at Khloe Kardashian’s birthday party?

That seems to be the million-dollar question on the mind of curious fans. Considering all of Khloe’s other siblings managed to make it to her birthday celebration, it is intriguing that Kim didn’t make an appearance at the party. So just what might have kept her away?

Although Kim and Khloe have remained mum on addressing Kim’s absence at the party, we do know Kim has been spending time with husband Kanye West and their four kids at the couple’s Wyoming ranch.

Perhaps they simply couldn’t make the trip back in time to join the rest of the Kardashian family for the birthday bash. Or maybe they’re looking to remain in Wyoming longer and didn’t want to venture out to California for Khloe’s party for one night only to return to Wyoming the following day.

Are Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian feuding?

After Kim Kardashian skipped Khloe Kardashian’s birthday celebration, it’s easy to jump to conclusions and assume Kim and Khloe are at odds. While Kim’s absence at Khloe’s party does make one question whether the two sisters are feuding, there don’t seem to be any indications that Kim and Khloe’s relationship is on the rocks.

Although Kim was not present at Khloe’s party, she was among the first to wish Khloe happy birthday on social media. As Kim wrote in her birthday post:

"“Happy Birthday to the most beautiful soul! Thank u for always being so positive & thoughtful & caring towards everyone always! You are so loyal & just care so much about everyone around u. Your light glows and I’m so proud to be your sister. I love u forever!”"

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If Kim and Khloe were really feuding, it seems safe to assume Kim wouldn’t have taken the time to draft up a personal birthday message. It just simply seems that Kim was unavailable for the party and we imagine she’ll more than make it up to Khloe!